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Although solr.xml can be configured to look for SolrCore Instance Directories

in any path, simple sub-directories of the Solr Home Dir using relative paths

are common for many installations.

* Core Discovery *

During startup, Solr will scan sub-directories of Solr home looking for

a specific file named core.properties. If core.properties is found in a

sub-directory (at any depth), Solr will initialize a core using the properties

defined in core.properties. For an example of core.properties, please see:


For more information about core discovery, please see:


* A Shared 'lib' Directory *

Although solr.xml can be configured with an optional "sharedLib" attribute

that can point to any path, it is common to use a "./lib" sub-directory of the

Solr Home Directory.

* ZooKeeper Files *

When using SolrCloud using the embedded ZooKeeper option for Solr, it is

common to have a "zoo.cfg" file and "zoo_data" directories in the Solr Home

Directory. Please see the SolrCloud documentation for more details.