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An excellent travel opportunity

In May 2018 my son Sam & I boarded a high-speed train in St. Petersburg, Russia bound for Moscow. To say we were a bit nervous but excited at the same time was an understatement. It was hard to comprehend that we were actually in Russia traveling across the vast countryside.


When the train pulled into the station we were met at the station by our local guide named Julia. She took us on a tour around Moscow. We explored the famous underground train system with beautiful paintings on the wall, we walked to Saint Basil’s Cathedral which is the backdrop of many scenes from movies and then we continued onto the Kremlin. We actually got to proceed through the gates and into the grounds & buildings of the Kremlin. The photo is Sam & I standing inside the Kremlin. Sam & I were in awe as we toured the Kremlin. For us, it seemed almost surreal, knowing we were actually walking the grounds of the Kremlin. Our time spent in Moscow will forever ingrained in our minds.


Back in 1990 I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Moscow, Russia. I found it a fascinating place and I was excited to take Sam to Moscow to show him around. The changes I saw from 1990 to 2018 were eye opening. There was a sense of freedom, opportunity and wealth in 2018 that was not present in 1990. The GUM department store in 1990 was bleak and in 2018 it was thriving with high-end chain stores such as Dolce & Gabbana. Still we were in awe knowing we were actually visiting & exploring Russia.

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